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Dirty Rugby Player



You. Are. The. Brand. 

If you're a professional sporting athlete, or have aspirations to be one, in today's climate it's undeniable to ignore how important it is to integrate video into your developing brand. And of course, to have professional video to showcase who you are. 


Video allows fans/followers to see who you are, what messages you wish to convey and your latest news. 


Video is eye-catching, engaging, allows the individual to grow their support, fan-base, and in turn sponsorship and financial opportunities.  

Treat your brand with respect, treat yourself with respect developing a personal brand filled with professional video production. 


Everyone. Is. Different. 

And that's amazing, it's how it should be, it's how we are. We all need different elements to showcase who we are. So it's not a 'one size fits all' policy. As one size doesn't fit all. It's a FREE discussion, an open conversation to fully understand what you want, we can and will offer advice and guidance, however you're the boss. In partnership with you we design a video content package which suits you. 

We use social media platforms, your website, our channels and your website to showcase and build via video. 

Interested to know more? 


To connect with, and grow your following you'll need content. But not just 'any old' content, professional video content which relates to, and shapes who you are. It's easy to forget more people will see your content online than you on a daily basis, your content can easily shape opinions and impressions of who you are. 

The right content is crucial. It needs to be in-line with your style, brand and image. We can work with you to ensure the content we provide drives up your status with the right professional content. 

We'd work with you to build/add to your brand, your style and work with you developing and providing professional content. 

Take it seriously, so they take you seriously. 


Bob Beswick has pedigree. He's a professional Rugby League player, club captain of Newcastle Thunder, and national captain of Ireland Rugby League. Additionally; Bob is highly educated with a degree in his field, and teaching qualification. 

Bob is looking to expand his business as a personal trainer, and off the strengthen of our previous work in this field, he elected to contact Propella to help with his video promotion. 

Like with any new client, at Propella we work bespoke. We learn about the client, who they are, their values, their goals, their ROI and their target demographic. 



Of course not all the answers are clear, DON'T WORRY! We're here to help you with your journey, using our expertise guide you to your end goal. This isn't just about video production, but telling your story. 

This is why everything we do is bespoke, it can't possibly be like the any other production, as you're not like any other client. 


Bob Beswick representing Ireland Rugby League

Working with Bob we decided on a video which would sit nicely on social media, namely on IGTV to inform potential new clients all about Bob. To execute this successfully it was vital to capture Bob's ethos, outlook and expertise in a concise yet informative promotional video. 

Everything is considered. From the choice of copyright free music, to the lighting, to the camera angles, to the flow of the production. All of course in collaboration with the client-Bob. 



The script was pre-agreed. However, nothing is set in stone, we always have the option to adapt and adjust onset if we or the client feels the dialogue or any aspect of the production needs adapting. It's important to be flexible and have the knowledge and ability to regroup if needs must. This is an underrated skill within production, to 'feel' the shoot and keep everything on track working to the highest possible standards. 

Bob was very happy with the introduction promotional video. It's a great foundation for Bob to build his brand. 

Bob is now continuing to work with Propella Video on all future video projects. 


We're sociable people, here's the different ways we can be contacted to see how we can help you. 



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