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Hey you up in the sky...

Aerial shots/footage have always looked amazing, to capture stunning visuals from different angles or in full motion adds something special to the footage. 

However, such amazing footage was always reserved for Hollywood or those with huge budgets to be able to afford helicopter rental, a film crew and of course the insurance costings, all to obtain such aerial footage. 

Then... came the drone! 

It's now a different world. Such amazing aerial footage is now affordable, and it looks better than ever. With 4K footage and incredible aerial manoeuvres drone footage can now ensure your productions look as good as Hollywoods. 


Make the most out of your production, think aerial, think drone.  


  • Have you used drone videography before? Its a technique that can really help add another dimension to your video content, footage that was once only obtainable in Hollywood.

  • Ask yourself, is aerial drone footage something which will benefit your product or business. Don't just implement drone video for the' sake of it' be sure it directly applies to what you're trying to achieve. 

  • Ensure the drone operator is CAA approved. Would you let someone drive you around without a drivers licence? 


Our pilot is fully licensed and compliant with the UK’s laws involving the commercial operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft (drones not exceeding 20kg). Essentially, this boils down to three stages of accreditation:

  • David Briscoe (Drone operator is approved by the CAA, the UK’s national aviation authority. His understanding of aviation theory, practical application and the safety procedures we have in place are deemed to be of a high professional standard and we have therefore been granted permission to fly drones for commercial work within the UK.


It's not just video. 

Our drone also has the capability to capture amazing aerial photography. 

after the imagery has been through post-production you have the most amazing visuals to add some more flair, style and breathtaking content to your business. 

Contact us below. See what we can do for you. 

Aerial Photo of a City at Night


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