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Mike Grundy-UFC


Mike Grundy is a special competitor. 

A 2014 commonwealth medalist in wrestling Mike changed the course of his destiny pursuing a career in the fascinating world of Mixed Martial Arts, more commonly known as MMA. Mike has been very successful in his MMA career to the point where we meet him, on the verge of making his UFC debut, in the most famous MMA company in the entire world. Mike wanted his story told, naturally the best format for this was video production. Through discussion we identified the narrative, the focal point, featuring exclusive footage of Mike receiving his UFC. contract, to hearing the struggles and real-life day to day life of a man trying to make it in the highly competitive world of MMA. Hearing Dave (Mike's father) intertwine with Mike himself presents a very honest and interesting into what goes on before the lights hit and the fighter makes his way into the Octagon. 

For further information check out Mike on Instagram: @mike_grundy

Norman Snudgrass


Norman Snudgrass is an amazing book written by the equally amazing author Sue Bough. This was a fantastic piece to work on. Sue is such an interesting character who in this docu-short explains how she got into writing, the origins of the book, and provides such fantastic insight into how to get into writing and what inspires her. 

This book is a personal journey for Sue; it was important to capture the heart and true feeling of what Norman Snudgrass means to Sue. We elected to film on location in Sue's home; the place where the character of Norman came to life. 

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