Commercial Videos display the different ways in which a business can advertise, promote or market it's company though video production. 

Curtis Law


Really interesting dilemma. 

Curtis Law are a successful law firm with a stellar reputation. However to stay ahead of the game they are looking towards video production to showcase who they are. 

Through open communication and partnership with Ginger Recruitment, we elected to focus on career paths, no matter what stage 'you're' at, Curtis Law can progress your career. With a short fast-paced promotional video, we focused on three main subjects, a solicitor who's very successful and looking to further their career, a young man who arrived at Curtis Law directly from University and a young mother who's looking for support with an accommodating schedule. Curtis Law can provide for all. 

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Elite Fitness Factory


Adding a narrative. 

That's what was missing from a gym promotional campaign, the narrative. Being creative and innovative the solution was to add a narrative rather that just show a collection of different shots showcasing the gym equipment, the concept was 'MY GYM' showing a series of video shorts of how the gym can tailor to the individual. Adding this alongside a series of creative shooting with a focus on movement, the look and feel was a massive success.

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Creating a fresh look. 

Cybertill are a leading company in security around in-store purchases, this task was about how to present their work in an informative engaging manner. 

Cybertill partnered with Strawberry Field to showcase the amazing new facility in Liverpool in conjunction with their relationship with Cybertill with a focus on how Cybertill provided excellent service, first-class training all captured by Propella against the amazing backdrop provided. 

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