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Because we're in this together. Your work is our work. Your outcomes are our outcomes. It's vital that the video does exactly what you want, exactly what you need. 

We want you to surpass expectations of what video can do for your brand and see the benefits of video production and Propella. 

Our goal from day one has been to provide professional industry level video production for an affordable price; we're honouring that goal, our attention to detail, expertise, professional equipment and end results answers the question; why Propella. 

We're very transparent. After an initial FREE client meeting we develop a working plan to outline your established needs. In this pack each step of the project will be outlined, so you know exactly how we envisage you thoughts, requests and expectations. 

Additionally, and this is so important, we include full costings. A full and final project fee. 

Why is this important? Several reasons. 

1) You know exactly what you're budgeting for. There's no hidden costs or fees. You know exactly where you stand from before the production begins. 

2) Develops trust; which is crucial when forming a collaboration. You will also feel safe and secure knowing the final cost at all times. 

Propella is not a marketing company. We supply professional video production across all fields from social media to feature productions.  

Our clients are all different. And all require different criteria to meet their personal needs. Take T&M Bowser Solutions for example. A very well respected International company who required video production to showcase their latest fuel pump technology. 

With every production there's hurdles, this was a live site, which required careful planning and additional implementation to ensure the production was created to a high standard getting the message across. 

As with all of our productions the narrative is the backbone, and transparency is vital. Costs, shooting schedule, full planning was established including detailed health and safety before production began ensuring a fantastic successful production.  

We travel country wide providing affordable professional video production for all needs. 

Scroll down, and let us know your video production needs. 


We're sociable people, here's the different ways we can be contacted to see how we can help you. 



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